Federico Bambozzi, Ph.D.
MATHEMATICIAN, University of Padova
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Berkovich analytic spaces, Huber analytic spaces and the global analytic spaces of Poineau.
Stein spaces in complex and non-Archimedean geometry and related notions.
• Bornological algebraic structures and their use in geometry and functional analysis.
• Derived geometry in a broad sense, both algebraic and analytic.
• Exact categories and in particular quasi-Abelian categories.
• Geometry over the field with one element and its applications to arithmetic, to L-function theory and Langlands program.
• Homotopy theory and ∞-categories.
• Motives in algebraic and analytic geometry.
• Rigid cohomology and p-adic differential equations.
24/05/2021: Awarded with the Italian national scientific qualification ("Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale") as Associate Professor of Geometry and Algebra (SSD MAT 01/A2, Geometria e Algebra).
11/2018: Granted with the DFG postdoctoral fellowship for the project BA 6560 \ 1-1 entitled "Derived geometry and arithmetic". Two years fellowship that has been extended by 6 months due to covid pandemic.
2011 - 2014
University of Padova

Ph.D. in Mathematics under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Baldassarri.

2007 - 2010
University of Torino
Master Degree in Mathematics

2004 - 2007
Marche Polytechnic University
Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering